Stinging Insect Control In Ithaca, NY

Keep Stinging Insects Off Your Ithaca, New York Property

The summer months are wonderful in central New York, but if you have an abundance of stinging insects on your property, they make it difficult to spend time in your yard. No one wants to worry about getting stung every time they step outside, but when bees, wasps, or hornets take up residence close to your home, it can become a major problem. Sweeney’s Pest Elimination offers several stinging insect control services in Ithaca to help you take your yard back.

Our Stinging Insect Control Offerings

wasps on wood

Preventative Service

Beginning in May, we offer preventative services to stop stinging insects from building nests around your home. We use a preventative spray on the areas where they are most likely to build a nest. These areas include your eaves, roofline, decks, windows, and doors.

One-Time Stinging Insect Control Service

If stinging insects have built a nest on your property, we can take care of it. We’ll remove nests for an additional fee, and we treat nests, visible and not visible.

Carpenter Bee Control

Carpenter bees bore holes into wooden structures. We’ll treat each hole they create with either a liquid or powder treatment. We can also plug the holes with silicone to prevent the bees from taking up residence again for an additional fee.

Humane Honey Bee Hive Removal Service

Honey bees are a vital part of our ecosystem. If they’ve built a hive on your property, contact us for remediation options.

Bee Control For Your Home

Exposed and unexposed nests in and around your property can be treated with either a liquid, or dust product depending on the situation. A one-time service is available with a 60 day warranty, which includes free check backs until the situation is eliminated. Preventative sprays are available as well, during spring and early summer. The removal of nests is not included in price, but can be done for an additional fee.

The prices for these services are:

  • Bee control, which includes yellow jackets, White Faced Hornets, wasps, ground bees, and bumble bees, is typically between $195-$215.

  • Carpenter Bee control starts at $140 and will increase depending on the number of holes present. This does not include the plugging of holes once bees have been eliminated, but this service is available for an additional fee.

  • Honey Bee control starts at $250. Prices may increase, especially if the property is non-local. The price does not include removal of honey, but this may be available for an additional fee.

Warrantied Stinging Insect Control You Can Trust

Stinging insects are bothersome, and for some people, it can even be deadly. Keep them from nesting on your property with the help of Sweeney’s Pest Elimination. We have a variety of home pest control services to meet your specific needs, and each one comes with a warranty. Contact us to learn more.


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