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Flea Treatment Prep

1.) Treat all pets with Frontline or Advantage. Over the counter products are not acceptable.

2.) Everything movable must be picked up off the floors, except area rugs.

3.) Vacuum all carpeted and solid flooring the day of the service, before treatment is done. After vacuuming, replace vacuum cleaner bag with a new bag. Take old bag out of the house and put into something airtight. Fleas can live in the old bag and jump back out.

4.) All pets, birds, and people must be out of the house for at least three hours after the treatment is done. Fish tanks and unmovable reptile cages must be covered. Turn on all fans and open windows to shorten the drying time.

5.) Vacuum all carpets and solid flooring once a day for a minimum of five days, after treatment with the new bag. Do not mop floors for at least 48 hours after treatment.

6.) Call us at (607) 749-8455 if fleas are still present after 5 days. Retreating cannot be done for 7 days.

IMPORTANT: If any of these directions are not followed, warranty will be null and void.

Bed Bug Treatment Prep

1.) Mattresses, if too infested, will need to be disposed of and replaced with new ones or covered with an approved bed bug mattress cover.

2.) Mattress and box spring encasements are STRONGLY recommended. You can purchase these on your own or from us.

3.) Remove all sheets, blankets, mattress covers, pillowcases, etc. from beds and put in dryer for a minimum of 15 minutes on high heat. Do not replace until after the 1sttreatment is complete.

4.) Remove all clothing & other articles from inside closets, this includes closets outside the bedroom and living room. Remove everything from inside AND on top of dressers, nightstands etc. All clothing & other articles that can be dried must be dried for a minimum of 15 minutes on high heat. Put clean, dry clothing & all other articles in black plastic garbage bags until after 2nd treatment is complete. Please move plastic bags to an area that does not restrict access to the bedroom. DO NOT put clothing & other articles back until 2nd treatment is complete.

5.) Remove all items from coffee/end tables, bookshelves, hutches, TV stand, cd/dvd cabinet, and entertainment units and place in sealed plastic bags. Place bags where they will not restrict access to the living room.

6.) All picture frames and wall decorations will be treated at the time of service; do NOT remove them from the walls.

7.) We do not typically treat the kitchen or bathrooms; however, access to either the tub or kitchen sink is needed.

8.) Discard all cardboard boxes, shoe boxes, old magazines, newspapers, plastic &paper bags. De-clutter, De-clutter, De-clutter☺

9.) Entire house/apartment must be vacuumed; including edges of all rooms. Remove bag from vacuum & “re” bag it. Put bag outside in the garbage.

10.) House/Apartment must be vacated of people/pets for 3 hours after the treatment is completed, or until insecticide is dry. Fish tanks, bird cages, and reptile cages must be covered with a towel or blanket.

11.) There is no warranty with this service. Success of the treatment depends on your cooperation.

12.) Payment for the 1st treatment is due at the time of the 1st service. 2nd payment is due no later than the day of the 2nd treatment. Finance charges apply if entire balance isnot paid within 30 days from original invoice date. not paid within 30 days from original invoice date. Cancellation fees will be incurred if the service is canceled without notice at least 3 days prior to the scheduled treatment. Service charges maybe incurred if the preparation is not completed as directed.

13.) Technician will apply pesticides as follows:
a. Residual chemicals to bedrooms, living room, & any other needed areas. Technicians will have to cut off cloth from box springs and couches when treating.
b. Spot application of a hand held aerosol for hard to get areas.

Tenants please note: Approval from landlord is required before scheduling treatments,always check with landlord before starting preparation.