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Cluster Flies: The Bill That Gets Paid First

All flies are gross. They are a nuisance. And let’s be honest, they are hard to keep out of the house in the summertime. Now, imagine having swarms of flies starting to appear in your home at the beginning of the fall as well. These insects are cluster flies, and they are attracted to the sunny places on your home’s exterior, where they can nuzzle in and find a safe home for winter.

Unfortunately, these winged insects don’t hibernate all winter. On days of warmth and sun, they will begin to peek out of their hiding spots, bewildered and lackadaisical.

Each year, when I spray for Cluster Flies, I have customers who tell me that they pay Sweeney’s Pest Elimination for their preventative treatment BEFORE they pay any other bill that month. It makes that big of a difference in their home and life.

What Is A Cluster Fly

A cluster fly is unique to the northeastern United States, so it is a common pest for our Binghamton, Ithaca, Cortland, Homer, and Syracuse customers. Cluster flies make their appearance at the end of fall and continue to periodically present themselves until the warmth of spring appears.  Adult cluster flies feed on pollen and the females lay their eggs in the bodies of earthworms. Cluster flies do not lay their eggs inside a home.

How To Identify A Cluster Fly

A cluster fly is larger than the common house fly. It is easily identified by the yellow, gold-like hairs on its thorax.

A cluster fly is also unique in that when it is crushed, it gives off a sickly sweet odor.  

How Is A Cluster Fly Different Than A Regular House Fly

A house fly has a metallic appearance and is around a quarter of an inch. A cluster fly, on the other hand, has yellow, gold-like hairs and is closer to half an inch.

Should I Worry About Cluster Flies

Cluster flies are not dangerous, nor are they a sign of filth. The only damage a cluster fly can do to a home is their feces can stain surfaces it lands on.

Cluster flies are not dangerous, nor are they a sign of filth. The only damage a cluster fly can do to a home is when their feces landon window sills and other surfaces, it can stain.

How Do You Treat A Home For Cluster Flies

A home is sprayed from top to bottom with a liquid preventative treatment.

In New York State, spraying for Cluster Flies is the ONLY time a pest elimination company is allowed the spray a home from top to bottom.

After The Treatment Is Applied To The Home, Is It Harmful?

It is important to allow the treatment to fully dry before touching the exterior of the home.  In New York State, preventative treatment is applied in August, which is peak heat for New Yorkers, so the home exterior is typically dry within thirty minutes.

I jokingly always tell my customers when they ask if the treatment is dangerous, “Just don’t lick your house after I treat it… I know that blows your Friday night, but you’re just going to have to find something else to do.” (cue laughter).

Is There Any Guarantee The Treatment Will Work?

Yes. At Sweeney’s Pest Elimination, we have a 60-day warranty for our preventative treatments. We also provide a spot treatment for free if it is necessary. For cluster flies, we go a step further and guarantee customer satisfaction with the prevention service all winter and into the spring.

For more information about the treatment, or to schedule your appointment today, call 1-855-3-BUG-GUYS.

You can also check out our website!

How Often Do You Have To Spray For Cluster Flies?

Preventative Cluster Fly treatments are limited and only scheduled from late August to early September. It is imperative to have the treatment in place before the cluster flies begin to look for their winter hibernation spot within the cracks and crevices of your home. This treatment will cover your home all winter and in the spring. Of course, you may have a straggler fly here and there, but we can significantly reduce the population. Customer satisfaction is our aim each and every time.

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