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Why Sweeney’s Pest Elimination Does Pest Control A Different Way

Ever Had A Seemingly Minor Event Change The Trajectory Of Your Life?


For me, Mike Sweeney (founder), that day came in 1996 when my boss handed me a check. This wasn’t just any check, it was the total funds that had been put away for my retirement, and I was nowhere close to retirement age.  Come to find out, the pest elimination company that I worked for decided to make some cutbacks, and their retirement program was first on the chopping block. With no retirement, my mind began to explore the possibility of being my own boss. Being free to do pest elimination a different way.

Eliminate, Not Just Manage The Problem


As I began to research and engage with people about whether a new business would be a fruitful endeavor, I became energized by the concept of helping people eliminate, not just manage, their pest problems. I became excited to have an opportunity to create a new platform for pest elimination, one that is based on doing a job that needs to be done versus signing contracts that make the need for regular unnecessary work.


It didn’t take long before I put in my notice, found a business partner, and established Pest Control.


At this point in my life, I was on the verge of substantial growth points and sincerely working to put my life and relationships in order. As my partner and I worked through the first year of our business, we found ourselves at odds with each other and our business methods.


After some long conversations, a lawyer, and another check, I became the sole owner of Sweeney’s Pest Elimination and could do the work that I love. It might sound silly, loving pest control, but I love solving problems. I love hunting down the pest, whether it’s a twelve-point buck, a cockroach, or a carpenter ant colony. I love figuring out how a creature works, its biology, and how to eliminate the problem.

Sweeney's Pest Elimination Will Find The Source Of The Problem

I refuse to put a Band-Aid on a situation; I will always take the time to solve the problem.

This thinking makes Sweeney’s different from all other pest control services. Most companies work (and make their money) off the technicians signing the customers into a contract. These contracts have the technicians regularly service their homes, whether they need services or not. I, frankly, think this is a waste.

My belief, that laid the foundation for Sweeney’s Pest Elimination, has always been that if I could solve people's pest problems, they would pay. So that is what Sweeney’s Pest Elimination has always been about. We get paid for the work that NEEDS to be done. And we always solve the problem as permanently as possible.


Other Pest Elimination Companies…


When I was working for the other pest control company, I remember customers would call repeatedly for a mouse problem, and I would want to seal up the house to eliminate the problem. The boss would refuse because if I solved the problem, they wouldn’t need to call us back.


At the very beginning, I knew that this Band-Aid approach wasn’t who I was. So instead of building a big business quickly, Sweeney’s Pest Elimination slowly blossomed based on quality and honest hard work, eliminating the problem as permanently as possible and only doing the necessary work.


Now, almost 26 years later, with around eight technicians, we have gained a loyal following of customers because we do pest elimination differently.


If you are interested in hearing more about our story, the work that we do, or tips to keep the pests out of your home, make sure to Like and Share our Blog on your Facebook page.

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