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Restaurants Demand The Best Pest Elimination Services

It’s pretty simple, NO ONE wants to eat food in a restaurant that is plagued, crawling, and infested with bugs and rodents. No one. But, eliminating these pests is rarely easy, and demands regular and proactive measures.

Once, I went in to do an early morning estimate on a restaurant,and by the time I arrived the cook had already been working and prepping for an hour (which means the lights had been on for over an hour) and there was EASILY 70 to 80 cockroaches scurrying around the floor. Typically cockroaches hate light and will disperse as quickly as it appears. However, the problem was so intense, there was still significant traffic across the floor despite having the lights on…

Fortunately for the restaurant, they chose to call us, Sweeney’s Pest Elimination (aka the Bug Guys). Over the next 6 to 7 months, we were able to get the problem under control, but it took significant work.

This specific restaurant had been working with another pest elimination company for years until the problem got so big the manager was forced to look elsewhere for help. The restaurant manager was told by the old technician that he intentionally does NOT spray all of the cockroaches to ensure that the restaurant maintained their services and contract… SAY WHAT??

Restaurants beware, most (not Sweeney’s) pest elimination technicians are paid on commission,which entices them to Band-Aid instead of eliminating the problem.

Any quality restaurant must have QUALITY pest control services. A business with integrity to get the job done right, and to eliminate the problem every. Single. Time.

Sweeney’s Pest Elimination services is the BEST choice out there and is a phone call away from solving your pest problem.

Quality Pest Control Does Not Always Mean Instant Elimination

Quality pest control does not always mean the job is achievable tomorrow. At this specific restaurant, quality service and pest elimination took 6 to 7 months.

That being said, before I left the restaurant, I did an initial spray (to at least start the elimination process) and there were THOUSANDS of dying cockroaches as I walked out the door…

After the initial hard work and the problem is under control, we switch gears to maintaining that pest-free environment, baiting from the outside, and continuing to search for entry points and/or environments that are enticing pests.

Our Process For Your Best

Every restaurant is a little different and we believe it is important to individualize your pest control services. That being said, we still have a general guide to the services we provide to ensure the best care.

1.Initial Inspection And Recommendation For Custom Treatment 

Here is where we get to know what we are working with, the current conditions of the building, the standards of cleanliness, the current problem pests… etc. We take the initial assessment and outline the recommendations for treatment.

Sometimes, when we initially start working with a restaurant, they will have a “big” problem, like an abundance of cockroaches, rats, or mice. At the beginning of the treatment and partnership, it will take more time and work to eliminate the problem. Then, after the problem is solved, the restaurant will move to a monthly visit to maintain the pest-controlled environment.

2.Set up a schedule. 

Weekly or monthly visits  with targeted treatment for CURRENT pests, while creating a barrier for FUTURE pests.

Once current pests are eliminated, the regular schedule will be designed to meet your needs, but typically, a monthly visit is sufficient to monitor and keep pests at bay, depending on the pest.

3. Identify Structural Areas That Allow Pests In and Keep Them Out for Good

Our technicians will continue to monitor pest activity and to proactively eliminate the problem at its core. For example, if the restaurant is dealing with rodents, the technician will be looking to seal up any holes, gaps, or entrances a rodent would be able to use to enter the building.

Sweeney’s Pest Elimination won’t just catch the rodents, they will seal up the entrances to PREVENT future rodents from entering your restaurant.  

We WILL NOT leave behind a pest in order to maintain the need for our services.

Our motto is “When you need us, we are there for you. And then you don’t need us again until you do.”

4. Proactively Monitor and Re-evaluate Methods and Treatments to Keep Your Facility Bug and Pest-Free

We are reliable in monitoring and treating pests so that you don’t have to think about it. Restaurant owners have enough on their plates.

What Are The Most Common Pests Found In Restaurants

Rats, mice, ants, spiders,and cockroaches are the most common pests that wreak havoc for restaurant owners and managers in Central, New York.

Should I Consider A Contract For Regular Pest Control Services

Typically with restaurants, YES, because there are people coming and going, and of course, food everywhere! It does not take long for a pest to invade and thrive within a restaurant kitchen or building, making constant preventative services critical. These pests can carry bacteria and disease, and it only takes one to make someone ill. Do not take the risk of allowing the pests to take up residence. Schedule your pest elimination services today.

What Can A Restaurant Owner Do To Prevent Rodents And Insects

Cleanliness is KEY.

If you want to help deter rodents, ants, and other pests, you need to maintain a clean environment. Food crumbs, open containers, and garbage will beckon all unwelcome visitors.

Traps and bait won’t solve your pest problem if you don’t also CLEAN and properly store food.

Why is that? Because a rodent(or other pests) will not crawl around the food to eat your bait. Instead, they will continue to feast on the food available, and simply go around your traps and bait.

That is until the only food source they have is in the trap/bait.

Already Have A Clean Restaurant, But Still Have Pests?

If you already keep a clean restaurant and still have some challenges with pests, then consider those“unseen” places in the kitchen…

When was the last time you pulled out your stoves, dishwashers, larger equipment, and grease traps to do a DEEP clean?

If you’ve checked these boxes and still have a predicament, then your next step is to call us! We’ll determine the source, present you with your treatment plan, and get you on your way to a pest-free environment!


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