Okay, so if you have had pets, fleas can be a real nuisance and cause much distress for you, your family and your pets. Before a few fleas becomes an infestation, reach out to Sweeney's Pest Elimination, LLC in Homer, NY for complete flea treatment and removal.

Fleas want to live on your pets, but may take to setting up camp in the carpets and upholstery. They do not live on people but are opportunists and may well take bites out of you and anyone else in the home.

The life cycle of fleas is a 4 stage event. Adults lay eggs, the eggs hatch into larva which then matures into a pupae. And grow to become adults who repeat the cycle...endlessly. Food is their primary reason to be, and your pets provide the most easily accessible dinner table.

Flea removal in Binghamton, Syracuse, Skaneateles, Ithaca, Norwich, Cortland and surrounding Central, NY areas is a multi-disciplined treatment. All the floors are treated, including hardwood and carpet. All floors must be vacuumed before and after the treatment. Please follow our Flea Preparation sheet for steps to be done before and after the treatment. We also require your pets to be on Frontline, Advantix, or a similar program.

Resident(s) must be out of the house for at least 2 hours after the treatment in order for the insecticide to dry. Pets must either be locked in a room that is not being treated or taken with the resident during treatment. Fish tanks, bird cages, and unmovable reptile cages must also be covered with a towel or blanket to prevent any harm. The Sweeney's Pest Elimination, LLC technician will discretely place a door hanger on the exterior door with the re-entry time. Flea and other pest exterminator services are our specialty.

There is a 60 day warranty with this service, however the warranty is void if the preparation is not followed or pets are not treated. Call now to schedule at 1-855-3-BUG-GUYS!

Flea Preparation sheet

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