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Most everyone, at some point, encounters ants in their home. Some locations are more prone to ants (sandy soils) but no one is immune. Ants live in colonies, so you may only see a few at a time, but they are building up quite a home for themselves. Ant removal through our pest elimination services in Cortland, Ithaca and Syracuse areas can get your house back in your hands and not the ants'.

Let's look at the most common types of ants you may find taking up residence and treatment protocol for ant removal.

Argentine Ants

One of the most adaptable are the Argentine ants. They nest in any place they can comfortably build a large colony. Preferring to live in soil, under wood, logs, debris or mulch, they may also nest in the bases of trees and shrubs. A good reason to keep vegetation away from the house and foundation.

The size of the Argentine ant colony can be massive. They continue building and adding onto the original nest. Reproduction is swift with what could be hundreds upon hundreds of ants. As the colony grows, it can encompass very large amounts of area and have been known to take over an entire city block. They are particularly attracted to sweets and oily foods.


No matter where you live or work, house ants can take up residence. House ants are small dark brown or black. The most common way of knowing this particular species is the smell they emit. It's like the tangy scent of a puppies breath when they are crushed.

House ants love to enter buildings during wet, rainy weather in order to seek shelter. Their outside nests may become flooded and not livable for them. Their favorite places are in walls and beneath the floors of structures. Sweeney's Pest Elimination, LLC provides extensive and thorough Ant elimination services.

House ants are well-known for contaminating foods and surfaces as they forage about for edible delicacies like sweets and crumbs to take back to their nest. They do not bite or sting (thank goodness) but can become a difficult intruder. You may only see a few until their eggs hatch and the larva transform into ants. Then you can see swarms of them all over.

Sweeney's Pest Elimination, LLC provides ant elimination in the greater Cortland, NY and surrounding areas.


These ants are not part of a circus, but definitely do exhibit some interesting body movements as they raise their abdomen over their head upon a disturbance. Basically a nuisance, they can bite if disturbed.

An Acrobat Ant infestation may surface in several ways, one of which is the presence of actual trails on wires and pipes that can be seen. Acrobat ants are great travelers and can search for foods up to 100 feet from their nest. Check outside for pieces of foam insulation on the ground. This is a typical indication that Acrobat Ants are working on developing tunnels into the foundation area.

Building owners should also keep in mind that damp areas around the house can attract Carpenter ants, Acrobat ants and other pests. Peeling paint, moldy areas, and rotting wood (soffits, trim, window/door frames) can be a great attraction for ants.

Technicians will need access to the home in order to provide ant removal treatment in Binghamton, NY and surrounding areas. In most situations, treating the area the ants are seen will take care of the issue. In some cases, a gel bait may need to be applied as well. For this reason we include a 60 day warranty with each ant treatment. Call now to schedule at 1-855-3-BUG-GUYS!


Now, these ants are quite obvious due to their large size and black bodies. Carpenter ants actually do not eat wood. They nest in damp, decaying or hollow wood. They are excavators in that they will dig tunnels through the wood to make their nests. Homeowners will often notice small piles of what looks like tiny wood shavings in a pile. Sweeney's Pest Elimination, LLC can help you get this situation under control and remove ants from your home. Call now for your free estimate and to schedule  our pest control services.

Food sources for Carpenter ants include meats, sweet things (sugar is a favorite) and other insects. As long as a comprehensive ant extermination is conducted early, there is seldom any serious damage. Carpenter ants who have been living in the building for a long time, though, can create structural damage.

There is no need for someone to be home for this pest control treatment in the Syracuse, Ithaca, Binghamton, Cortland, Norwich and Skaneateles areas of Central, NY because it is done from the exterior. For treatment, a gel bait is applied to the exterior of the building. Sweeney's Pest Elimination, LLC technicians wait and watch to see where the ants are entering and exiting the building. Then the technician baits the crack used by the ants to enter the building. The ants then take the bait back to the nest to basically share with the rest of the colony, including the queen. This service includes a 60 day warranty. Call now to schedule at 1-855-3-BUG-GUYS!

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