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The wonderful world of bees. Unfortunately, when they take up residence in your home or office, it's not so wonderful. Bees are very adept at getting into homes, office buildings, structures and objects that contain even a tiny hole or access.

When nesting insects like bees, hornets, yellow jackets or wasps begin to swarm, it’s time to call Sweeney’s Pest Elimination services serving the Syracuse, Ithaca, Binghamton and Cortland and surrounding areas. We will provide you with the best treatments and prevention options for your home or office.

The preventative bee treatment will help stop yellow jackets, hornets, and wasps from creating nests on your home or business. We treat underneath the eaves, soffit, roofline, deck railings, underneath decks, shutters and around windows and doors. Other areas can be treated upon request, but additional charges may be incurred. The best time for the preventative bee treatment is May, but the treatment can be done any time during the summer months. Please be aware that the preventative bee spray will not prevent bees from flying around. We offer different warranty levels for your convenience. Please read our Preventative Bee Treatment Warranty Information before scheduling your appointment. Call now to schedule at 1-855-3-BUG-GUYS!


Honey Bees

Honeybee nests can grow exponentially and have the potential to cause structural damage. The weight of all that honey and the nest, itself, can damage the walls, roof, and ceilings. Honey can ooze out of the combs/nests and start dripping through the walls or ceilings.

Honey bees are treated with an insecticidal "dust" by Sweeney's Pest Elimination services here in the Cortland and surrounding areas. In most cases there is no direct access to the nest (without ripping walls out) which is why Sweeney's Pest Elimination dusts the entry point of the hive. As the honey bees fly in and out of the entry location, they come into contact with the dust, eventually killing the colony.

Sweeney’s Pest Elimination treats the entry point once, sometimes twice, a day for several days in a row, until the problem is solved. Then we seal the entry point with silicone to prevent re-infestation by another swarm.

Sweeney’s Pest Elimination also provides a more humane honey and hive removal service in the Central, New York region that is available for an additional fee.

Please note: Any honey that is removed from the hive after spraying should not be consumed! The honey will be contaminated with the insecticide.

Carpenter Bees

Another destructive bee is the Carpenter Bee. Although these bees (which look much like Bumble bees) are not “eating” the wood, they are excavating. Although older homes may seem like the best spot to find these guys, they also like new construction. Many builders do not paint or seal all the wood around the house (especially parts that are not visible).

Depending on the situation, an insecticidal dust or insecticidal treatment can be used to treat the carpenter bee holes. We can also come back to plug the carpenter bee holes with silicone for an additional charge.

Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets tend to be more active in the autumn season as they go about looking for new nesting spaces. They particularly like outside furniture and the eaves of your home.


Wasps can build extremely large nests in wall cavities or the rafters of your home. Structural damage can be an issue should they get out of hand.

Note: Wasps can cause significant danger to people and pets if they are successful in nesting within the home or close to entrance ways.


Hornets are just one more type of wasp that can be dangerous to humans and pets. They build nests by using thin layers of wood which they chew and turn into a paper-like material.

Sweeney’s Pest Elimination preventative bee treatment service will help stop bees, yellow jackets, hornets, and wasps from creating nests on your home or business. We treat underneath the eaves, soffit, roofline, deck railings, underneath decks, shutters and around windows and doors. Other areas around your home and office can be treated upon request for additional fees.

Please read our Preventative Bee Treatment Warranty Information before scheduling your appointment.

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