Asian Lady Beetles & Boxelder(Stink) Beetles

The Asian lady beetle is an import that was brought to the US throughout the 1900s to act as natural pest containment workers for crops. The population has significantly increased and more and more Lady beetles are finding their way into homes in Central, New York during the Winter months. Mainly a nuisance, Asian beetles do not eat fabrics, woolens, wood, insulation, masonry or human foods. They do not transmit disease or lay eggs in the structure. However, they do bite, smell and leave excrement in their wake which is unsightly. Asian Lady beetle removal can be done quickly with the right pest elimination services in the Syracuse, Ithaca and surrounding areas.

The Boxelder(stink) bug is not so well-known as a household pest, but certainly can become invasive. They are mainly known for the damage they inflict on Box elders and even Maple trees. Wintering in warm houses and structures provides them with safety, warmth and they will remain active during the winter in these conditions. Again, they are not destructive in the usual sense but can cause significant staining on walls and carpets and omit a terrible smell when killed.

Asian Lady beetle and Boxelder(stink) bug extermination requires a full treatment plan including the home's foundation. Typically, the best time of the year for treatments is the beginning of October, however this depends on the weather.

There is a 60 day warranty with both treatments. Please carefully read our Boxelder Beetle Warranty Information and Asian Lady Beetle Warranty Information before scheduling your appointment. Sweeney's Pest Elimination, LLC can provide excellent pest removal in the Cortland, NY and surrounding area. Call now to schedule at 1-855-3-BUG-GUYS!

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