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New York has a lot to offer, and Sweeney Pest has enjoyed serving home and business owners all over the state since 1996. However, Norwich is one of our favorite areas to protect from pests, and we take a lot of pride in offering our commercial and residential services to this great community. 

We understand that pest problems are frustrating, especially when they come back a second time. That’s why our goal is to always solve your pest problems in the most permanent way possible. After a free inspection, we’ll suggest one of our ongoing treatment plans that comes with a pest-free guarantee.

Since we understand the importance of customer satisfaction, we only employ highly trained, certified, and friendly pest control technicians that we would trust in our own homes. This all-star team of pest professionals knows how to protect all kinds of properties and facilities from every kind of Norwich pest, so don’t delay. Give us a call today to get started or read more about our services below.

Home Pest Control In Norwich, NY

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Pest problems in your home are not only frustrating but can be dangerous as well. If you run to the store for a temporary fix every time a pest problem pops up, you’ll be stuck on a hamster wheel of inconsistent results and recurring issues. Plus, you might end up spending even more money trying to solve your own problems than you would on professional solutions. 

What if you could cross pest control off of your list permanently? No matter what your property needs, we can offer the kinds of solutions that treat pest problems for good. It all starts with a completely free inspection, so you have nothing to lose. We also have specific pest solutions to get rid of a serious problems quickly and prevent future pest activity. Give us a call today to sign up for our home pest prevention services, backed by the Sweeney Pest guarantee.

Commercial Pest Control In Norwich, NY

Pest issues threatening your facility can be a risky situation. These invasive pests will not only damage your inventory, but they’ll also threaten the health and safety of your customers and employees. Unfortunately, these risks are the least of your worries, since pests pose the biggest threat to your reputation in the community (especially with the power of social media). 

As a business owner, you have enough on your plate without having to deal with pest issues popping up. That’s why our technicians take pride in finding the most permanent solutions for all of your pest problems. If you want to protect your business with the most effective solutions in the industry, then give Sweeney Pest a call today. 

Our ongoing services include a pest-free guarantee, and we have the emergency commercial pest services you need to protect your business from surprise issues. Contact us to schedule your free inspection before pest problems pop up again.

Five Rodent Control Techniques For Norwich Residents

Rodent problems in your home are almost always worse than you think. These pests can bring dangerous health hazards and cause a lot of damage to your home, but they usually hide within your walls, disguising their numbers. As they reproduce quickly, your home could get overrun before you understand the extent of the problem. 

Here are five simple tricks you can do on your own to make your home less hospitable to rodents:

  1. Maintain the lawn regularly. 
  2. Store all food and trash properly. 
  3. Clean thoroughly and consistently. 
  4. Limit clutter in the yard and low-traffic areas of the house. 
  5. Trim back tree branches to prevent roof entry. 

While all of these methods help, none of them can provide the kind of permanent solutions that our rodent specialists can offer. Our free inspections can discern the extent of the problem before our trained technicians put together a customized plan to keep rodents out of your home for good. Call us today to schedule your free inspection or to learn more about our rodent control solutions

Are The Centipedes & Millipedes In Norwich Dangerous?

While centipedes and millipedes are related, they’re different in a variety of ways. Centipedes may have fewer legs, but they’re equipped with venom to help their hunting efforts. Millipedes prefer to feed on vegetation and decaying matter, so they don’t utilize venom. 

Centipede bites can be painful to humans because of the venom, but they rarely lead to health complications. On the other hand, the only risk that can come from a millipede infestation is the potential for skin and eye irritation due to a gland that secretes this harmful fluid. 

Even though they aren’t considered some of the more dangerous home-invading pests, centipedes or millipedes can still be an unsettling presence in your home. Since it can be difficult to keep these invasive pests out of your home, the most effective prevention solution is professional assistance. 

Our highly trained pest specialists will suggest the right kind of ongoing pest control package for your property so you can rest assured your home is protected by the Sweeney Pest guarantee. Call us today to schedule a free inspection.


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