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a stink bug crawling on wood trim inside a home

Why Are There Stink Bugs On My Ithaca, NY Property?

September 17, 2021

If you had to make a list of innocent pests, it would be extremely short. The average insect or creature can cause physical harm through bites, stings, and scratches. Medical issues can arise with the germs or diseases critters may have. At the very least, your Ithaca home or business could be ruined structurally.... Read More

a bat on an ithica walkway

Is It Dangerous To Have Bats On My Ithaca Property?

June 15, 2021

How often do you think about bats? If you are like most individuals who sleep at night and are awake during the day, it’s probably not often you consider these darkness dwellers. If you suspect bats are claiming living spaces in your home, learn what you should be aware of, including the dangers these night-flyers bring to Ithaca properties.... Read More

millipede curled on the ground

Ithaca’s Complete Guide To Centipede & Millipede Control

April 15, 2021

Most people aren’t equipped with the necessary knowledge to properly identify a pest population and take steps to eliminate it. But with garden pests like centipedes and millipedes, which look similar but have many different behaviors, the devil is in the details.... Read More

a cluster fly perched on a leaf of a house plant

A Guide To Fall Pests & How To Keep Them Out Of Your Ithaca Home

September 15, 2020

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are beginning to change colors, shorts and sandals are being replaced with pants and boots, and there’s a crispness in the air that only means one thing—fall is upon us. It sure is nice, here in Ithaca. However, there is one thing that each season brings that’s not so wonderful, and that is pests.... Read More

a cluster fly perched on a house plant leaf

A Helpful Guide To Cluster Flies For Ithaca Property Owners  

August 14, 2020

For Ithaca property owners, home is something to take pride in. Ours is a fantastic city with beautiful houses, and you know just how much work you put into keeping your home comfortable. But the insects of Ithaca always seem to have other plans. While not all of them are dangerous to your health, many of them can still disrupt the tranquility that you desire at home. And cluster flies, because of their pack mentality, are some of the worst of... Read More

brown bat hanging from a door frame

What Syracuse Property Owners Ought To Know About Bat Control

July 17, 2020

In the Syracuse, NY area, the local wildlife is prevalent. For the most part, this is a good thing since nature requires balance to function. However, sometimes the local wildlife strays into people’s homes or places of work, which can cause severe disruption to your daily life. One such pest that commonly invades the home is the bat.... Read More

an american cockroach crawling on a floor

The Truth About How Dangerous Cockroaches In Your Cortland Home Can Be

May 15, 2020

Everyone can agree that cockroaches are unsightly pests. Their flat slippery-looking bodies make them appear like creatures straight out of a horror movie. The only question is, are they as dangerous as they look? What most people don’t know is that cockroaches religiously clean themselves. Some are even cleaner than humans. ... Read More

a home protected by year round pest control

Five Benefits Of Year-Round Pest Control In Homer

March 17, 2020

In times of economic stress, people begin to “trim the fat” off their expenses a little. With less discretionary income, they begin narrowing their spending down to only the essentials. Unfortunately for many homeowners, year-round pest control becomes one of those non-essential expenditures that gets cut before a lot of others. ... Read More


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