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a bed bug crawling on a boxspring

How Did Bed Bugs Get Into My Ithaca Home?

January 15, 2021

There is a lot of false information floating around on the internet, especially when it comes to bed bugs. To set the record straight for you today, we will be unraveling the mystery of these small invasive pests. ... Read More

a gopher in a yard

Four Easy & Effective Wildlife Prevention Tips For Ithaca Property Owners

December 15, 2020

Protecting your property from invasive wildlife is a bigger task than many realize. From big game to small pests, all manner of critters can damage or encroach upon your property. Only by learning what’s out there, and how you can prevent them from invading your yard, can you manage to stay protected... Read More

cleaning debris out of gutters

The Trick To Easy & Effective Gutter Cleaning For Ithaca Property Owners

November 13, 2020

With responsibilities like keeping the lawn manicured, changing AC filters, dusting, vacuuming, and countless other chores, gutter cleaning can get pushed to the back burner very quickly. However, if you understood what kind of problems neglected gutters could cause to your house, you’d make sure they found their way to the top of your to-do list.... Read More

a skunk in a back yard

Ithaca Property Owners' Complete Guide To Wildlife Control

October 15, 2020

Not every wild creature is the same, but the trouble they all cause can be broken down into three categories: nuisance, destructive, and dangerous. You might already know this, but every wild creature is capable of being a nuisance. It is only destructive and dangerous that applies to certain pests.... Read More

a cluster fly perched on a leaf of a house plant

A Guide To Fall Pests & How To Keep Them Out Of Your Ithaca Home

September 15, 2020

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are beginning to change colors, shorts and sandals are being replaced with pants and boots, and there’s a crispness in the air that only means one thing—fall is upon us. It sure is nice, here in Ithaca. However, there is one thing that each season brings that’s not so wonderful, and that is pests.... Read More

a cluster fly perched on a house plant leaf

A Helpful Guide To Cluster Flies For Ithaca Property Owners  

August 14, 2020

For Ithaca property owners, home is something to take pride in. Ours is a fantastic city with beautiful houses, and you know just how much work you put into keeping your home comfortable. But the insects of Ithaca always seem to have other plans. While not all of them are dangerous to your health, many of them can still disrupt the tranquility that you desire at home. And cluster flies, because of their pack mentality, are some of the worst of... Read More

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