Why Are Bees Around My Syracuse Home?

June 15, 2022

Because Syracuse lies centrally within the state of New York, it is often called the "Crossroads of New York State." Surrounded by glittering lakes, bubbling streams, rolling hills, and green plains, it is a beautiful landscape that enjoys all four seasons. When the hint of a warm breeze starts to push back the harsh winter, it brings with it an essential pollinator to the city. While bees are critical to the ecosystem, they are never welcome inside Syracuse homes, so pest control in Syracuse becomes vital when they come calling.

bee getting pollen from a flower

What Attracts Bees To My Home?

Beginning mid-March through the beginning of July, bee populations begin their "swarming" process. During this time, overcrowding of the colony occurs, which forces them to split up. When bees head out in a swarm, they start looking for a new home. Scouts will look for a new home to establish their colony; they will signal others to follow them when they find a good spot to settle.

Four things scouts may find on your property that may attract others to settle down include:

  1. Bountiful vegetation
  2. Hollowed areas in secluded locations
  3. Clutter around your yard (lawn equipment, unused appliances)
  4. Pheromones left on honey-producing nests (honeycomb) left behind from a previous nest

While experts continue to theorize the reasons bees choose particular locations to set up their colonies, the fact is, more research is taking place every year to unravel the mystery. Because many factors can contribute to a bee infestation, it is best to have a professional pest control company like Sweeny's Pest Elimination in your corner.

Will Bees Sting Me?

People are always encouraged to stay away from bees; they (the female bee, not the males) will sting if you frighten or step on one. Stings are painful. Bees have a barbed stinger that continues to release venom into your body well after the bee has departed. While bees that fly around properties looking for food and moisture prefer to stay well away from people, caution is vital if you come upon bees near their hive. If they believe you threaten their colony, they can attack and sting; they also send out pheromone signals to others to defend their hive. An attack can morph from one bee to thousands in a short amount of time.

Is There A Harmless Way To Get Rid Of Bees?

Bee pollination is essential to the ecosystem; therefore, homeowners must exercise extreme care when removing them from their homes. The only way to remove bees from your home without causing harm is by using the pest professional bee removers at Sweeney's Pest Elimination. Our company offers specialized plans that safely and efficiently remove bees from your home. In the case of honeybees, we also provide professional services that remove honey and hives humanely. Our company is committed to protecting your home; simultaneously, we strive to preserve insects beneficial to the ecosystem and, ultimately, our livelihood.

What Should I Do If Bees Come Back?

Sweeney's Pest Elimination offers multiple solutions for bee prevention and removal. At the first sign of a bee's nest in your home, one-time bee removal is always available. Our company also offers preventative treatments for various stinging insects in the Syracuse area. Preventive bee applications are available as early as May to begin the process of bee prevention. If you find that bees keep coming back to your home year after year to build nests, it may be time to place a call to Sweeney's Pest Elimination for bee solutions that are effective and lasting.

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