Should I Be Worried If I Have A Centipede Infestation In Ithaca

April 15, 2022

Pest control in Ithaca is no easy task to begin with, but when you see something as shocking as a centipede in your house, things can go from bad to worse pretty quickly. These utterly alien-looking creatures can be alarming by their appearance alone, so it's no wonder they're unwelcome. The experts at Sweeney's Pest Elimination have your back, with this quick and easy guide to effective centipede control in Ithaca. Not only will we outline how to identify these unsettling bugs, what dangers they pose, and what attracts them, we'll also provide you tips on how to get rid of centipedes altogether. Read on to discover the key to solving your centipede problem.

a centipede on cement

How To Identify Centipedes

These arthropods have long, segmented bodies covered in durable exoskeletons. How many legs does a centipede have? Well, it varies, but usually, the common house centipede has thirty. Quite a few less than the hundred advertised in their name! They can often be mistaken for millipedes, but there are some key differences to take note of to discern millipede vs. centipede.

  • Centipedes tend to have more flat bodies, as opposed to millipedes' more rounded shape.
  • Centipedes usually have fewer pairs of legs than millipedes.
  • Centipedes tend to move much faster than millipedes.
  • Centipedes bite, while millipedes spray a poisonous fluid.
  • Centipedes won't coil up when handled, but millipedes will.

Are Centipedes In Ithaca Venomous?

One of the most common questions in regards to these unique arthropods is: are centipedes venomous? The answer is yes. However, although their bite can be painful, they don't tend to go out of their way to inflict it, and it isn't usually very dangerous to humans. If you happen to be bitten by a centipede, you can expect some pain and swelling, which will subside over the course of a couple of days. To avoid centipede bites, it's important to know how to get rid of centipedes. To start, it's helpful to know why they invade homes to begin with.

What Attracts Centipedes To Homes

Centipedes in the wild are usually found in dark, seldom-disturbed areas of high moisture content. This includes locations such as mulch piles, fallen branches, dead trees and stumps, and other decomposing organic debris. On your Ithaca property, centipedes will be drawn to places such as trash cans, compost piles, gardens, basements, crawlspaces, and under sinks or other appliances. Alongside the benefits of warmth and shelter inside your home, centipedes could also be looking to feed upon any other pests potentially present around your property. They use their venomous bites to hunt for prey such as cockroaches, so denying other pests will also deny centipedes.

How To Get Rid Of Centipedes On Your Property

Centipedes on your Ithaca property are nearly never desirable. Not only are they an unsightly nuisance, but their bites can also be rather painful. For effective home centipede control, try these simple steps:

  • Seal up any cracks or other potential entry points around the exterior of your home.
  • Install window screens and door sweeps to further secure your home from pests.
  • Create a concrete barrier between the foundation of your home and the soil surrounding it.
  • Keep your property clean and clutter-free, clearing any mulch, leaf, or branch piles.
  • Practice proper garbage disposal, ensuring bins are stored in elevated areas with secure lids.
  • Maintain good ventilation and take measures to eliminate excess moisture and humidity.
  • Partner with the knowledgeable professionals at Sweeney's Pest Elimination.

For complete home and commercial pest control, contact the experts at Sweeney's Pest Elimination. For the past two decades, we've been protecting homes just like yours from centipedes and any other pest. Call now to discover what we can do for you.

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