How To Keep Cluster Flies Out Of Your Ithaca, NY Home

August 13, 2021

Cluster flies are one of the most irritating pests you can get in your Ithaca, NY home. They spend all day buzzing around the room and knocking into walls before dying and cluttering your windowsills with their bodies. Cluster flies might be little more than an annoyance, but they can attract other pests that are a lot more than a nuisance, so you need to take a cluster fly infestation seriously. Let’s take a look at what you can do about these annoying pests.

an up close image of a cluster fly

One Big Cluster – Of Flies, That Is

Cluster flies are around 10 millimeters long when they’re adults. They’ve got a checkered pattern of light and dark gray on their abdomens, while their thorax is covered in gold hair. Their eyes are red and take up most of their faces. Cluster flies look similar to common house flies, but the best way to tell the difference if you can’t get close to them is to look at their size and the way they move. Cluster flies are a little bit larger than common house flies, and they move slower.

Cluster flies are really more of a nuisance – they aren’t as serious as some other pests. They don’t sting, they aren’t known to spread disease, and they won’t do severe damage to your home, though they may stain walls and windows with their droppings. The biggest issue with cluster flies is their propensity to attract other pests. Live cluster flies are a tempting treat for spiders, including dangerous ones like the black widow. If you have a cluster fly infestation for a long time, you might notice more cobwebs around your home as spiders move in to take advantage of the flying buffet.

Cluster fly carcasses might also attract scavenging insects. Cockroaches, for example, are about as non-picky as it gets. They’ll eat just about anything they come across, and a nice pile of cluster fly carcasses will do just fine as a meal. Other pests that can be attracted to cluster fly bodies include hide beetles, carpet beetles, larder beetles, and just about every variety of ant – including potentially damaging species like carpenter ants. Cluster fly bodies can trigger allergy symptoms in sensitive individuals.

Cluster Fly Prevention

Cluster fly maggots feed on earthworms until they pupate in the soil. Afterward, cluster flies feed on flowering plants. Unlike other fly varieties, cluster flies aren’t really interested in your food or your garbage, so some of the more well-known fly prevention techniques like covering trash or properly storing foods won’t help much with cluster flies.

Rather, cluster flies seek to gain entry to your home to escape the cold of the winter. Here in Ithaca, winter is no joke, so if cluster flies want to survive the most frigid months of the year, they have to get somewhere warm. That means when fall starts rolling around, usually during late August or early September, the last generation of cluster flies of the season will start congregating on the sunny side of your house, usually gaining entry when you open the doors or windows, though they can also gain access through holes and cracks in your walls. That means you need to seal up the openings in your home’s exterior, as well as keeping doors closed and making sure window screens fit well and don’t have rips or holes. It is the best way to keep your home cluster fly-free.

If you wind up with cluster flies, there is another thing you can do about them. Here at Sweeney’s Pest Elimination, we’ve been Ithaca’s one-stop shop for all things pest control for 25 years. We can help you get rid of any size cluster fly infestation and create a tailored prevention plan to make sure they never come back. So visit our contact page or call us at (607) 225-2038 to schedule your service. 

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