How Do I Get Rid Of Yellow Jackets Around My Cortland Home?

May 15, 2022

Of all the different types of stinging pests you can encounter around your Cortland home, yellow jackets are among the most dangerous. Yellow jackets are a breed all their own when it comes to the harm they can inflict upon your family. Which is why you should always be cautious when dealing with yellow jackets on your Cortland property. 

You’ll find that a professional Cortland pest control company can eliminate this dangerous problem so you won’t be hurt. Keep reading to learn more about yellow jackets and why they might be sticking around your home.

yellow jacket

What Do Yellow Jackets Look Like?

The most notable thing about a yellow jacket is what gives it its namesake. They have a yellow striped pattern on their backs. Yellow jackets are a type of wasp, but they should not be confused with a type of hornet. The only real difference between a hornet and a yellow jacket is size and nesting. 

Yellow jackets are not as robust in their size compared to hornets. Another notable thing is that yellow jackets do not typically build a hanging nest like other wasps and hornets. Yellow jackets burrow and build their nests in holes in the ground.  

How Dangerous Are Yellow Jackets?

Yellow jackets have stingers and while they can sting it’s not the only damage they can cause. A yellow jacket sting can feel more painful than a typical wasp sting due to the various reactions it can cause. The skin can become irritated and swell up, even itch or induce an allergic or fatal reaction. What’s more, is that yellow jackets do not die after one sting. 

They can keep coming back and attack you repetitively as well as bite you.  These high-intensity wasps are also extremely aggressive and will go out of their way to attack you. Yellow jackets nest in the ground, and can easily be overlooked and stepped on. If stepped on the entire colony could swarm and attack you which can become a very dangerous situation quickly.

Why Do I Have Yellow Jackets Around My Home And Yard?

Do you know why yellow jackets have invaded your yard? It could be something you’re doing that keeps them coming back each season. Here are a few things that could attract yellow jackets to your home:

  • Flowers. Yellow jackets are pollinators and are thus attracted to flowers.
  • Spiders. If you have a lot of spiders around your home it can attract yellow jackets.
  • Food. This can come in the form of human food like sugar and crumbs. However, it can also be protein from other insects around the home.
  • Trash. The smell of trash or an open garbage bin can attract yellow jackets.

If you want to ensure that your family can enjoy the yard without fear, you need to know why these wasps have invaded and how to prevent it. Yellow jackets can be difficult to spot around your home. That, coupled with their aggression, painful bites, and stings, reaching out to the stinging insect control pros can be the best option!

What's The Best Way To Get Rid Of Yellow Jackets?

The best way to get rid of wasps in Cortland, such as yellow jackets, will always be a professional pest control team. You can get the best service and preventative protection with us at Sweeney's Pest Elimination. Our team will always go above and beyond for your needs to keep your family safe. A yellow jacket infestation can send everyone inside on a perfect day. 

We at Sweeney's Pest Elimination work to take back your yard and keep the pests away. You don’t have to sweat the wasp prevention, because with our services we can keep your pest problem under control. Reach out to our team at Sweeney's Pest Elimination to learn more about our service options today.

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