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Binghamton is a city in Broome County, located in a bowl-shaped valley near the Pennsylvania border. Although there are many benefits to living in our area, there is also a wide range of Binghampton pests that have no problem invading our residential or commercial properties. Protect your Binghamton home or business from pests such as rodents, cockroaches, bed bugs, and more by partnering with the experienced pest technicians here at Sweeney's Pest Elimination.

Since 1996 we’ve been serving the communities of Binghamton, NY, and the surrounding area by providing exceptional pest control services year-round. Whether it's your home or business you want to keep pest-free, you can count on Sweeney’s Pest Elimination to get the job done. Contact our pest technicians today for more information about our residential and commercial pest control services or to request your free quote.

Home Pest Control In Binghamton, NY

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No matter where you live, pests are likely to invade your property and cause a long list of problems. With a little help from the professionals here at Sweeney’s Pest Elimination, you can prevent pest infestations throughout every season. At Sweeney’s Pest Elimination, we believe that effective home pest control services start with a thorough inspection of your Binghamton property. Our service professionals will speak with you about your concerns and identify signs of pests and potential entry points. Then, we will develop a unique home pest control plan that targets and eliminates your specific pest problems.

All of our home pest control services are designed to treat the pests you’re dealing with. Whether you need treatments for spiders, bait stations for rodents, or your gutters cleaned, we’ve got you covered. Turn to Sweeney’s Pest Elimination today to get started.

Commercial Pest Control In Binghamton, NY

When pests invade your Bingham commercial facility, they have the potential to cause serious issues for your business. Not only are pests destructive and annoying, but they can also spread a wide range of dangerous diseases. The best way to protect your property, employees, customers, and reputation is by putting into place a commercial pest control program from Sweeney’s Pest Elimination.

We understand that every business has unique challenges, but with our licensed pest experts by your side, pest infestations don’t have to be one of them. Our commercial pest control services are developed to fit the individual pest control needs of your Binghamton business. If an effective commercial pest control solution that provides long term results is what you’re looking for, look no further than Sweeney’s Pest Elimination. Get in touch with us today to learn more about which pests we cover in our commercial pest control plans.

Rodent Control Tips Everyone In Binghamton, NY Should Know

At first glance, rodents such as mice and rats might look harmless. However, it’s important to remember that rodents can cause just as many problems as any other common invading pests. Rodents are easily identified by their long front teeth that never stop growing. To prevent their teeth from growing too long, rodents will chew on a variety of things, including your personal property. Unfortunately, this chewing behavior can damage wires, pipes, furniture, structural beams, and other items. In addition to the damage rodent infestations can cause, many rodents are capable of spreading several dangerous diseases, including plague, hantavirus, and tularemia.

To avoid dealing with rodents in and around your Binghamton property, consider implementing a few of the following rodent prevention tips:

  • Keep clutter to a minimum.

  • Remove equipment, toys, and other items from your lawn.

  • Keep pet food stored away when not in use.

  • Store leftovers in plastic containers or the refrigerator.

  • Clean crumbs off of your counters and floors.

  • Seal your garbage cans with tight-fitting lids.

  • Eliminate entry points around your foundation, doors, and windows by sealing cracks with siliconized sealant and copper mesh.

  • Cut tree limbs away from your roof.

  • Repair loose or damaged roofing and shingles.

Rodent infestations are difficult to get rid of, especially when you consider the fact that mice can reproduce between five and ten times each year. Get rid of rodents and other pests by partnering with the professionals here at Sweeney’s Pest Elimination for effective rodent control. We have what you need to keep your home or business 100% pest-free.

Bed Bug Control Services In Binghamton, NY

Bed bugs are common parasitic pests that are found almost everywhere in the United States. They have flat, oval bodies and can hide in tight cracks and crevices within your home. Keeping bed bugs out of your Binghamton property is nearly impossible due to the fact that they are hitchhiking pests, which means they invade by hitching rides on clothing, bags, and other belongings that you bring into your home or business. When it comes to eliminating bed bugs, no one does it better than the professionals here at Sweeney’s Pest Elimination. We have what it takes to identify bed bugs and eliminate them in all stages of development. Don’t wait for bed bugs or other pests to take over your property. Instead, reach out to Sweeney’s Pest Elimination for comprehensive bed bug control solutions.


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