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Settled in 1791, Berkshire, NY, is a unique community with beautiful natural surroundings. Our rural area is filled with breathtaking landscapes and all kinds of outdoor recreation, bringing visitors from all around the state to enjoy everything our town has to offer. However, when pests become a problem, Berkshire suddenly doesn’t seem so beautiful. If you want to guard your Berkshire home or business against the perils of pest infestation, it’s important to secure the proper protection. 
The best source of pest protection that you can get is ongoing services from the pest professionals. That’s where the team at Sweeney Pest comes in. We are a family-owned and operated pest control company that provides quality pest protection and gutter cleaning services to homes and businesses throughout Berkshire and the surrounding areas. Since 1996, we’ve been dealing with all kinds of common New York pests, including rodents, wildlife, cockroaches, stinging insects, ants, spiders, bed bugs, and many others. Call us today for dependable Tioga County pest control.

Residential Pest Control In Berkshire, NY

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Here at Sweeney Pest, we dedicate ourselves to guarding your home and your loved ones from household pest infestation. Our home service plans include fall and spring treatments that give you year-round, seasonal protection from pest activity:
Spring Preventative Bee Treatments

  • Starting at $165 per treatment
  • 60, 90 & 120-day warranties available
  • Treatments for soffits, garages, shed, under decks, etc.
  • Preventative bee spray covering yellow jackets, wasps, white face hornets, ground bees, bumble bees, and carpenter bees (for an additional fee)

Fall Preventative Treatments

  • Starting at $175 per treatment
  • 60-day warranty from initial treatment
  • Exterior preventative treatments
  • Fogging agent application
  • Covers cluster flies, Asian lady beetles, and stink bugs

Spring Preventative Spider Treatment

  • Starting at $160 per treatment
  • 60-day warranty from initial treatment
  • Exterior liquid treatment
  • Interior spider service (for an additional fee)

We offer ongoing or one-time treatments to meet your needs, and we provide emergency services because you never know when pests are about to strike. We have no contracts to sign and nothing to gain, but the satisfaction of knowing your home is totally pest-free. Contact us to discuss your residential pest control needs.

Commercial Pest Control In Berkshire, NY

If you have pests in your Berkshire business, we’re here to help. We offer complete commercial pest solutions to a variety of companies, some of which include food services, government buildings, schools, and many others. Whatever kind of pest issues you’re experiencing in your facility, we are ready to come up with the appropriate plan of action to eliminate the problem from the inside out.

All of our treatments are customized to fit your needs, and we never perform unnecessary “blanket treatments” on your property. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to successfully detect, eliminate, and prevent pest activity in and around your business. The first month of service is free, and then we come back monthly to provide preventative services throughout the year. Reach out to us today to learn more.

How You May Be Wrong About Bed Bugs In Berkshire, NY

Bed bugs are tiny parasites that can cause some big problems. In fact, there’s a lot about these small pests that may surprise you. Here’s how you may be wrong about bed bugs in Berkshire:

  • Bed bugs are not invisible. We don’t see them very easily because bed bugs are nocturnal. They hide away during the day and only emerge at night. It is during these nighttime hours, while we are asleep, that bed bugs come out to feed on our blood. 
  • Although their name may suggest otherwise, these pests don’t only infest the areas in and around your bed. They may start off there, but once they make their way inside, they can pretty much travel to any other area of your home. They do this by hopping onto another person or item that is moving to another room. 
  • Bed bug infestation can become quite unmanageable when you’re dealing with it on your own. Once you discover an infestation, you will need to quarantine all infested areas to avoid the situation from spreading.

The best way to deal with any kind of bed bug problem is to reach out to your local pest experts. Contact Sweeney Pest today to learn more about our bed bug control solutions.

What Summer Spider Infestations Mean For Berkshire Homeowners

There are many conditions that are conducive to spiders here in New York. The good news is that most spiders in the area aren’t poisonous. There are only two types to be wary of: the brown recluse and the black widow spider. These species are poisonous, and their bites are more dangerous. Fortunately, it’s rare for someone to die from a spider bite.

The best thing you can do to avoid spider infestations in your Berkshire home is to contact the pros. Sweeney Pest is your local source for quality spider control and prevention services. We work hard to protect you from these intruders throughout the year, so call us today.


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